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Re: Heroic effort to save a failing project

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  • Deb
    ... Hmmm, in this context I ve discovered a new spin to the squirrel-burger story. There wasn t enough cash for meat, so the squirrel got served up instead.
    Message 1 of 24 , Jun 8, 2006
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Kane Mar" <kane_sfo@...> wrote:
      > Everything about this is a bad idea.
      > Trying to rush a product before its time is always a bad idea...
      > This sounds like a Squirrel-Burger* to me!
      > Best regards,
      > Kane Mar
      > W: http://www.Danube.com
      > B: http://KaneMar.Wordpress.com
      > (*) For those not familiar with a Squirrel-Burger, it's an exercise
      > from Ken Schwaber's CSM course where he describes a scenario in which
      > a customer is sold a low quality product without being informed of the
      > risks involved.

      Hmmm, in this context I've discovered a new spin to the
      squirrel-burger story. There wasn't enough cash for meat, so the
      squirrel got served up instead. Cheaper, right? NOT for the squirrel...

      In a Death March project, are the developers being "served up" ?



      In case there is interest, here is some reference material to help in
      dealing with a boss in a death march situation:

      From Ron Jeffries: Impact of Overtime on Productivity
      (perhaps Ron already pointed this out... didn't read the whole thread)


      Mark Hedlund has a favourite story: he tells of the BigBook Technique,
      a simple ploy engineers once used to communicate with their CEO about
      a death-march project. With yet another big-project implosion in the
      news, Hedlund felt the need to roll out this simple remedy, again. In
      effect: nine women simply cannot deliver a baby in one month. If that
      sounds familiar, this story may be of use to you.


      My Jan 2006 New Year's wish for my colleagues on this list:

      and, finally, a picture is worth a thousand words

      Something a little different on Work-Life Balance

      now, go and be happy and sensible :-)
      best of luck!
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