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[scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum in Managment?

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  • Tobias Mayer
    And check out the Yahoo! group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/maverick_software_development/ Tobias Kane Mar wrote: Pascal, I d like to
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 6, 2006
      And check out the Yahoo! group:

      Kane Mar <kane_sfo@...> wrote:

      I'd like to refer you the book "Maverick, by Ricardo Semler." It's
      based around manufacturing and he doesn't use the words "Scrum",
      "Agile" or "Lean" but the concepts and approach that he uses are very

      Best regards
      Kane Mar
      W: http://www.Danube. com
      B: http://KaneMar. Wordpress. com

      --- In scrumdevelopment@ yahoogroups. com, "Pascal Gugenberger"
      <pascal@...> wrote:
      > Hi everybody,
      > I'd like to share my experience with the introduction of scrum into a
      > small (~60 people) company.
      > Scrum got started in our company in a grassroots fashion. One
      > development team proposed to use Scrum and immediately felt the
      > benefits. Scrum spread and now all development teams are scrumming.
      > More and more of the obvious bolder-in-front- of-me type obstacles are
      > removed and my work as scrum master has changed over time. Two areas
      > of work have evolved:
      > - helping/coaching the team to "fine tuning" their efficiency
      > - tackle larger organizational/ management issues
      > After several attempts we have run a management sprint, and despite
      > many shortcomings we have managed to get things done within three
      > weeks that have been lingering around for months. So we decided to
      > continue the experiment with a second sprint. During the retrospective
      > questions came up about "agile management" and necessary adaptions if
      > scrum is used in management.
      > So my questions: what are your experiences and specific
      > difficulties/ obstacles to employing scrum in management? Are there any
      > traps that I might try to avoid if I know about them? Are there any
      > experience reports / papers about the topic?
      > Curious,
      > ... Pascal Gugenberger

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