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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Metrics (a summary)

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  • Richard Banks
    It seems to me that this conversation has meandered off on it s own path, as we are want to do on occasions :-) My take on metrics is this... 1. Software
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2006

      It seems to me that this conversation has meandered off on it’s own path, as we are want to do on occasions J


      My take on metrics is this…


      1. Software development is empirical

      You can measure whatever you like but need to apply judgement & knowledge to get meaning from it.


      1. People are involved not machines.

      If you want to measure efficiency/utilization/slack time then you probably don’t want to use scrum for a management process.  Scrum is all about results.  It’s about knowing where we’re going and if we’ll get there on time, not looking through the rearview mirror to see where we’ve been or how fast we went in the wrong direction (and feeling good about it).  Measuring utilization, efficiency and friends are useful for other project management methodologies (the look behind types).


      1. Slack time, waste time, down time, etc is an important part of development.

      It’s the area where creativity lives.  The space developers need to think up the right solutions to the tricky problems.


      At the end of the day the questions are these – how do you measure your return on investment especially when “business value” is such a nebulous concept, and how do you know your team isn’t wasting too much time while at the same time allowing them to time to be creative?  The answer – I dunno.  To my way of thinking, this is what people management & leadership is all about – maximizing the return from the team you have.


      Maybe the best question to ask is “how do you measure management and leadership?”.  I know I can tell the difference between a good leader and a bad one, but how do I measure it?  Usually by the results.  It’s the same with Scrum.


      -          Richard


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      Mike Dwyer wrote:

      > The environments I work in already require people to report the
      hours.  But
      > if you do not then it would be an add.  The other option is to report
      at the
      > end f the sprint DONE or NOT.  In that case you would be hiding waste
      > value as there would be no way to identify the waste time.  In
      addition you
      > would not have any means to track the impact of impediments.
      Well, the environments I have been in sometimes had it, sometimes they did
      not. Sometimes they considered the time tracking as waste and in a way I can
      agree :)

      Personally, and just personally, it is about getting done. Not how I get
      there. I could care less whether my developers play ping-pong 90% of their
      time, if they get done, they get done.

      Yes, before you all scream, this is not realistic, there are monetary
      implications and so on, but I am allowed to dream.

      - -d

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