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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum Case Studies

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  • Steve Etheridge
    Thanks John I will check those sources out. Also, I will post my progress with the research. Kind regards Steve ... From: John Parkinson To:
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      Thanks John I will check those sources out. Also, I will post my progress with the research.
      Kind regards
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      Steve - John Henderson at Boston University (and formerly at CISR – MIT’s Sloan School ) has been researching the (lack of) alignment between the business and IT for twenty years. I have written about this myself over the years (you can track a lot of this down in CIO Insight – online at www.CIOinsight.com ). It would be interesting to see if you find any examples where there is (provably) better alignment because IT development goes faster (via Agile) or builds what people really want (via effective user involvement whether agile or not) or both. One research problem is that you can’t really do a controlled experiment to look at causation. You have to use statistical tools like factor analysis that find patterns but not causation.


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      I am planning a dissertation as part of my Masters degree in a Scrum/Agile related topic. The theme will be along the lines of:


      Would the adoption of the Agile Methodology, Scrum help bridge the divide between IT and the business?


      The following is an extract from my initial dissertation proposal which gives an overview of what I am hoping to achieve:



      There appears to be an inherent problem in many organisations in trying to synergise the efforts of IT and the main business processes, which leads to a conflict that can undermine organisational strategies at all levels. IT is still a “black box” perceived by some as the great unknown, the vastly overrated or the totally irrelevant.  Consequently, while many organisations are focussed on external customer relationship management there is, in fact a more critical relationship within the organisation that needs to be managed.


      Main Aims:

      • To critically analyse areas of conflict between IT and the business
      • To assess and evaluate the agile methodology Scrum
      • To determine whether or not the adoption of Scrum can change the culture of an organisation with particular reference to the relationship between IT and the business.


      The relationship between IT and the business is critical and yet there appears to be a conflict between the two that is simply not being resolved. Agile Technologies have proved invaluable tools in the area of software development and project management and this research will endeavour to determine whether or not the application of an Agile Methodology like Scrum can help to reconcile people, processes and technologies within organisations to the extent of actually bridging the so-called chasm that appears to exist between IT and the business.



      I wondered whether anybody would be able to point me in the direction of some relevant case studies or other source data that might be applicable to this area of investigation. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



      Kind regards



      Steve Etheridge




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