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  • David J. Anderson
    Russ, Does your chart compare to the Cumulative Flow Diagram I described here? Cumulative
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2003
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      Does your chart compare to the Cumulative Flow Diagram
      I described here?

      Flow with FDD Features</a>

      The CFD is a diagram used in Lean Production. I have
      shown how to adapt it to Agile methods. My
      interpretation of your diagram is that you are showing
      the total functionality (the scope) and the
      functionality completed.

      With CFDs it is actually possible to plot the flow of
      scope at any stage in the lifecycle. This is used in
      production to monitor flow, queues and bottlenecks. I
      believe that the same mechanism can be used for
      software development and can prove to be equally

      In the example CFD, I'm showing scope,
      work-in-progress and work completed.



      --- Russ Rufer <russ@...> wrote:

      Below was the first message in a string of exchanges
      about Burn-up
      charts on the Silicon Valley Patterns Group mailing
      list. You can read
      the entire thread, where we continue to revise the
      idea, from our
      archive by following this search link:


      - Russ

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