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Re: Survey: What makes product successful and unsuccessful using the Agile Approach

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  • Lazarevic
    Dear colleagues: About a week ago, I asked you respond to the survey: http://tinyurl.com/7mue If you already did, thank you for that. If you are planning to
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 24, 2003
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      Dear colleagues:

      About a week ago, I asked you respond to the survey:
      If you already did, thank you for that. If you are planning to fill
      out the survey â€" just a small _reminder_ that you have until
      this Friday, MARCH 28 to respond. THANK YOU much in advance.

      Per previous survey instructions, you can select either a successful
      or unsuccessful Agile project/product. Most people, so far,
      responded by filling out the survey related to successful product.
      To balance that, I would be appreciative if more of you - the future
      respondents - can fill out the survey thinking about their own
      unsuccessful or moderately successful Agile project/product. (You
      still have all options; this would be just my preference connected
      with a future data analysis.)

      It takes just 10-15 minutes to respond; I am much appreciative of
      time that you take to respond. As soon as the survey is analyzed,
      for people interested, I would provide the main results. THANK YOU
      for taking time to respond.

      Best regards,
      George Lazarevic

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Lazarevic" <georgelz@y...>
      > Dear colleagues:
      > I am conducting a survey about what makes product successful and
      > unsuccessful using the Agile Approach. Your help is _much_
      > and _appreciated_ if you can fill out the survey.
      > It takes about 10-15 minutes (30 multiple choice questions) of
      > time to fill out the survey. I am looking to hopefully obtain
      > important information that can be used to further knowledge and
      > possibly better understanding and practice of the Agile (Adaptive,
      > Crystal, DSDM, Extreme Programming, FDD, Scrum,…)
      > The survey has practical and academic objectives; however, there
      > no commercial intentions with this anonymous and confidential
      > survey.
      > Access the survey using the link:
      > http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?096RBB52D4JCK7YRG7FE040Y
      > Please, fill out the survey as soon as you can but no later than
      > March 28, 2003. I am much appreciative for that.
      > I offer to provide the main results of the survey when finished.
      > Please, send me an e-mail to georgelz@y... if you participate
      > in the survey and interested in the
      > results.
      > MAIN INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILLING OUT SURVEY (this info at the survey
      > site, also)
      > Please, think about a product (Product X) that was developed using
      > the Agile approach and answer the questions below. Please, fill
      > survey thinking only about this project - resulting in the Product
      > X. The project can be _succ ess_, or _failure_, or _something in
      > between_.
      > If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to
      > contact George Lazarevic via e-mail: georgelz@y..., phone
      > number: 408-885-1775 or Gopal Shankar via e-mail
      > gopal.Shankar@a..., phone number 408-425-7718.
      > Scroll down in order to fill out the survey, please.
      > This survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you for
      > your participation in the survey.
      > OTHER INFORMATION (this info at the survey site, also)
      > What is objective of the study?
      > The primary objective of the survey is to establish what are the
      > most influential factors that help, or hinder, the New Software
      > Product Development using the Agile approach and to establish
      > relationship between those factors, if any.
      > Is my product developed under Agile?
      > If you are not sure is your project an Agile; you can compare
      > characteristics of your project with some of the main
      > characteristics of the Agile approach:
      > - Development is broken down into a number of sub-cycles, each of
      > which is geared to producing a subset of the functionality to be
      > provided in the final product;
      > - a prototype is released to selected customers at a very early
      > stage of development;
      > - the development process encompasses mechanisms to ensure rapid
      > feedback on the impact of ongoing design changes. (MacCormack, A,
      > Kemerer, C, Cusumano, M & Crandall, B., 2002).
      > Thank you kindly for your attention and participation.
      > George Lazarevic
      > P.S.
      > Short Bio: George Lazarevic has an extensive product management /
      > product marketing experience working in various software companies
      > in the Bay Area for the last 10+ years. George’s interests
      > lies
      > in entrepreneurship, leadership, and organizational aspects of
      > tech business. He currently works on various projects related to
      > emerging product development methods and its practical
      > He holds MSCS and MBA degrees. George currently consults high
      > companies and pursues a doctorate degree in business at Golden
      > University, San Francisco. He works and resides in San Jose,
      > California.
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