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9539Re: [scrumdevelopment] Agile Web Based Product - Usefull or a was te of time?

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  • Graeme Matthew
    Oct 11, 2005
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      I suppose where I am coming from is this angle. If I could provide a product where use cases (requirements) are captured for example in a simple web based form such as:
      Use Case Name:
      Flow of Events
      Special Requirements
      User Interface Screenshots (attachments)
      This becomes the foundation of a document. Unfortunately documentation has to be provided in most organisations for sign-off, and in a large number of organisations there may be compliance issues i.e providing certain project documentation. My thoughts where once the use cases had been entered, collaborated on and placed into the sprint backlog, the scrummaster can simply click on a button to generate a PDF. This PDF in its table of contents places the use case descriptions. Each use case included for the sprint is incorporated into the PDF. So for example a 15 use case sprint would probably fit into 12 pages or so at the end it automatically inserts a back page sign off document. This sign off is for the 30 day sprint i.e management actually have time to read it (scan it) and focus on the objective on hand, then for the next sprint the process is repeated.
      For me this would be productivity and I believe that the documentation would satisfy management. From my experience word documents are emailed, others email links and there ends up been a massive amount of different versions floating around, this way everyone is forced to a central location, the only medium they have is PDF and its read-only
      What are your thoughts, feel free to shoot the messenger :-)
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      Subject: Re: [scrumdevelopment] Agile Web Based Product - Usefull or a was te of time?

      I disagree, Jim.

      While I agree that Microsoft Project would be an overkill, a good tool would definitely help (although like someone already pointed out, MicroSoft has an agile version, in which case I cannot imagine how it would resemble the original product) . While our team uses a spreadsheet (open office), we have been looking for other tools that would simplify planning and analysis,  and burndown backlogs. A scrum tool would be invaluable to do quick if-then-else analysis and calculate 'fits', dependencies and such. A good scrum tool would automate the mundane calculations and help the team focus on business problems. A web-based interface would allow more ubiquitous access, further breaking down communication barriers (across organizational boundaries).

      One example to look at (I have not used it)  would be http://www.versionone.com/pdf/V1FeaturesandBenefits.pdf .


      On 10/6/05, Schiel James - SHS Malvern <james.schiel@...> wrote:
      I wouldn't recommend writing the tool unless your primary goal is to learn more about Ruby. Even then, I'd not recommend using whatever tool you wrote for a Scrum team unless the team tried it and agreed it was better than anything else available. As far as tools go for Scrum, keeping it simple always works better than PM tools.
      Jim Schiel
      CSM Trainer

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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Agile Web Based Product - Usefull or a waste of time?

      Hi All

      I have been working on some ideas for writing a web based Agile (SCRUM)
      Project Management Tool using "Ruby on Rails".

      The main objective is too keep it simple, offer the bare minimum to
      manage an Agile Project.

      My thoughts so far are:

      +Project (Main details on project e.g. overview etc)
      +Sub Projects
      +Issues Log
      +Document Repository (attachments)
      +Requirements (User Stories and Notes)
      +Project Backlog
      +Sprint (Iteration Backlog i.e Tasks and resource allocation)
      +Sprint Estimates

      I know that there are mixed feelings amongst people, some say tools
      are a waste of time and that the best tools are things such as Excel
      sticky notes and paper :-)

      Im interested to hear from people on whether such a tool would be
      usefull, also keep in mind that it is also an opportunity for me to
      become proficient in Ruby





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