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9487Re: Can the scrummaster be a team member?

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  • David A Barrett
    Oct 6, 2005
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      I must be in a contrary mood this week. :)

      As someone who lives the Team Member/Scrum Master role every day, I can see
      your point. But...

      Think about this though:

      Unless the organization is large enough to have several teams running at
      the same time, there's really no way that SM is going to be a full time job
      for anyone. That means that the SM is going to have to task switch. The
      question is then - what's he doing when he's not SMing? Clearly, if he's
      not on the team, then the project isn't going to suffer because he's not as
      effecient at his other tasks. If he's on the team, however, he won't be
      able to function as efficiently on the team as he would as a full time

      If the SM is a team member, however, he is plugged into the Sprint
      activities 100% of the time, and will probably have a better (and first
      hand) knowledge of the what's going on. This is probably an advantage.

      We discarded some time ago any thought that I would be able to contribute
      anything close to 1 full team member. As a matter of fact, we've come to
      realize that SM activities are a whole lot more important than for me to do
      than development tasks as a team member. For this reason, we've scaled
      back how much of my time we schedule as available for development during
      our Sprint planning.

      What is much, much harder for me to manage in the Scrum Master/Team Member
      dual role is balancing the Team Leader/Manager aspects of the SM role with
      being a Team Member. For instance, my biggest job in team meetings (other
      than Scrums) is to shut up. I don't vote, or if I do, I vote last and vote
      with the majority. That kind of thing.

      Dave Barrett,
      Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company
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