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946310/6 Carnival of the Agilists - Call for Posts!

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  • John Brothers
    Oct 4, 2005
      Hi all,

      I promise I'll only do this once a week from now on. And, to reiterate,
      this isn't about me looking for hits on my blog. This is supposed to be a
      rotating job. If anyone else wants to timeshare with me on this, drop me a
      line. The idea here is to build a weekly "roundup" of posts and make it
      easy to find the really interesting stuff, in a way that's accessible to the
      general public.

      You have until Thursday at Noon EDT to send me an email with your blog
      posts that you would like to be linked to as part of the Carnival. If you
      have read posts by others that you think should be included, please send
      them to me by Wednesday Noon, so I have time to contact the writer and get
      their permission to link to the post.

      Any topic related to agile development, management, qa, configuration,
      project management, executive management, consulting, etc is welcome. I
      plan on posting it on the afternoon of 10/6.

      You can see the first CotA here: