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9454Re: Following the rules

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  • Victor Szalvay
    Sep 30, 2005

      Well put, you've captured the essence of my message better than I.
      Keith's team is new to Scrum; I would not advocate deviations from
      the original "rules" until the team, PO, and management understand the
      principles well enough know how the rules can be bent and what needs
      to remain constant so as not to break the underlining principles.
      Advanced teams are a different story completely, as evidenced by the
      incredible things Jeff Sutherland's company is doing (among others).

      -- Victor Szalvay

      > [DAB] I'll take the pot up to $0.04... Scrum is like any other skill or
      > technique that you learn. At the beginning (by definition) you lack the
      > experience to anticipate the impact of some of the things you do. To
      > mitigate that, you rely on the written material and experience of
      others to
      > guide you until you have a chance to observe the process in action for a
      > while. This is what we are calling, "Following the rules", and its
      > is that improves your chances of success while you build your skills
      > the techniques. Scrum is deceptively simple, and this makes it look
      > to tinker with than it really is. Every organization that adopts
      Scrum is
      > going to have its own unique quirks and ways to make Scrum work
      better and
      > it will probably take time to find out what those are. In the meantime,
      > what's wrong with saying to everyone, "We're still learning this, so
      > going to stick pretty close to the "rules" for first few months"?
      > You listen and understand where all of your team is coming from and work
      > with them to get to where you want to go.
      > Mike Dwyer, CSM, P.
      > -- Victor Szalvay
      > Danube Technologies, Inc.
      > http://www.danube.com/
      > Dave Barrett,
      > Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company
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