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  • mwpolen
    Sep 4, 2005
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      While I agree that cycle time (the time from customer request to
      customer fulfillment) is the most important measure I do wonder how
      you can get any software organization to buy into it. I have found
      that simple elegant measures, really anything simple, to be too
      simple for the people with the $BIG$. The people in charge seem to
      think "hey if it really was that simple everyone of my peers would
      be doing it this way...NAH this can't work it's a complicated job
      and complicated jobs require complicated ______" In this can
      measurement is the fill in the blank.

      So how do the people in group handle my perceived conundrum?


      "I have opinions of my own -- strong opinions -- but I don't always
      agree with them."
      - George Bush

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Mary Poppendieck"
      <mary@p...> wrote:
      > Actually, I don't think that WIP is the important measurement
      here - cycle
      > time is the standard Lean measurement. You can start and stop the
      > time clock whenever you want (accepted story to tests passed, for
      > depending on what cycle really counts. However, most Lean
      companies measure
      > cycle time from customer order to delivery of order, since the
      focus is on
      > delivering customer value as fast as possible. Thus a software
      > taking a customer perspective would measure cycle time from
      customer request
      > to deployed feature. An organization with a service level
      agreement, for
      > example, does this routinely.
      > Of course, there are usually more requests than a software
      > organization has the capacity to fill, so there needs to be a way
      > distinguish between work that is within the capacity of the
      organization and
      > work that just can't be accommodated. But still, IMHO, if an
      > cares about customer response time, the cycle time of the accepted
      > would be measured from the time the customer placed the request
      (not when it
      > was accepted) until the time the software to satisfy the request is
      > deployed.
      > It is usually beyond the capability of a development team to limit
      > amount of work in its queue, but it is not beyond the capability
      of the
      > management team to do so. A measurement of the cycle time from
      request to
      > deployment does an good job of encouraging an organization's
      management to
      > limit the amount of work it accepts to its capacity to respond.
      When this
      > happens, customer requests flow through the system much faster,
      and this can
      > result in a significant competitive advantage.
      > Mary Poppendieck
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