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  • Jeff Sutherland
    Aug 2, 2005
      There was an excellent interview with 95 year old Peter Drucker on NPR this evening. Drucker invented the discipline of management and is viewed as the wise old man of the business community. He has been advisor to senior leaders in the world's largest corporations for decades.

      His comments on leadership were striking. In terms of charismatic leadership, he stated that the best of the last century were people like Mao Tse Tung and Hitler who destroyed their countries through obtaining absolute power. In the business communities he has seen many similar failures. Leadership in this sense is to be avoided in so far as is possible.

      Good business leadership is a servant leadership style where the CEO serves the interests of the corporation, the stockholders, the employees, and the community. Particularly in a knowledge society which he thinks we are living in, the knowledge workers are professionals who do not want to be led by a commanding style. Even the military understands this.

      The problem with knowledge workers is that they tend to be devoted to their profession and building their personal knowledge so they tend to be solitary. The challenge of the servant leader is to form them into a team as almost everything important in business is achieved through teams with a common goal and larger vision that they can commit to. Too much management intervention in the form of directives makes building a high performance team impossible.

      In 1983, I began training management teams in Drucker's way of thinking. Particularly his book on Innovation and Entrepreneurship was highly relevant to software development leaders. When we formed the first Scrum 10 years later, the servant style of leadership was the norm. So Drucker could be viewed as an early influencer in the formation of Scrum.

      If you want to get it from the source, check out:

      Jeff Sutherland
      Certified ScrumMaster Training

      On 8/2/05, DianaLarsen <dlarsen@...> wrote:
      Tobias and all,

      Characterizing the heroic leadership style as opposite of servant leadership and equating
      servant leadership with a feminine style is not accurate and somewhat misleading. For one
      thing, servant leadership is not a business leadership model. Experience shows when
      people try it in a business setting and it doesn't work, they resort back to the heroic. Not

      Those on this list who want to learn about Shared Leadership, which is more appropriate
      for a business setting and certainly more appropriate for self-organizing teams,  I'd like to
      point you to a paper written by Sharon Buckmaster, my business partner. In it she explores
      the various types of shared leadership being discussed in research circles and points out
      the benefits and downsides of each.

      You can find the paper at our website on the publications page:
      Scroll down to the bottom of the list to download a pdf of "Shared Leadership."


      Diana Larsen
      www.futureworksconsulting.com   503-288-3550

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