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8755Re: [scrumdevelopment] Your RSS/RDF/ATOM feeds please!

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  • DeanG
    Aug 1, 2005
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      The Artima "Agile" feel is also a good source of inspiration and links.

      It will be interested to see if there is enough Scrum sub-category to
      generate it's own group. (Maybe this will be inherant, I'm not very
      familier with buzztracker or techonocrati). Awhile back the idea of a
      "planet" style aggregator was brought up for Scrum. Glad to see it's
      coming to fruition. I gave the planet code a whirl and it was
      straightforward. http://www.planetplanet.org/

      - Dean

      On 7/31/05, David H. <dmalloc@...> wrote:
      > Hello dear community.
      > I am learning ruby and that means I need a project to hone my skills.
      > I would like to build a mixture of buzztracker.org and technocrati.com
      > which is specifically geared to the Agile community.
      > You could help me a great deal by supplying me with the URL of your feeds.
      > If you have a blog I want it in my database. So far I have only collected:
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