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872Re: daily status blogs

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  • Mary Poppendieck <mary@poppendieck.com>
    Feb 7 9:52 PM
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      I had experience using one of those project management sites with
      threaded discussions, issue tracking, and document management. We
      used it to coordinate a development team in Malaysia and two
      disperse teams in the US. Basically, it didn't work. The tool was
      too difficult to use, the information that needed to be communicated
      was too dense to be done by typing (you could spend all of your time
      typing), and the document management system was not useful –
      although that was what we needed more than anything. We reverted
      mainly to e-mail, tried an unsuccessful web-based issue tracking
      system, and finally settled on a spreadsheet-based defect tracking
      system. Nothing worked very well, and I'd sure love to see more
      useful tools in this area.

      I don't see how a weblog works to maintain outstanding issues, or a
      defect log. Of course we had a code repository, but it didn't work
      for use cases, or other preliminary models. We could have used
      better tools for all of these things. Our backlog was spreadsheet-
      based, but that seemed adequate.

      Mary Poppendieck

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Dean Goodmanson
      <goodmansond@y...> wrote:
      > This article at CNet prompted a thoughts/questions..
      > "Blogs open doors for developers"
      > http://news.com.com/2100-1001-982854.html?tag=fd_lede1_hed
      > Thoughts..
      > 1. Using a weblog/rss feed for daily reporting?
      > 2. Communicating status to customers via a weblog?
      > Best Regards,
      > Dean Goodmanson
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