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  • Alan Shalloway
    Feb 2, 2003
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      I would appreciate your saying more about this. I have great experience
      with wikis and bulletin boards in supporting Scrum. We get some of the
      time issues done by using the recent changes page to find latest entries
      (although this doesn't track things this way). We also just put entries
      in at the bottom, so we get some chronological order.

      I'll admit I've never used a blog and therefore do not know all of its
      capabilities. One thing I really like about a wiki that I did not see a
      blog could do was its sort of reorganizing capabilities. In other
      words, when our wiki starts expanding in an area where it becomes
      unwieldy, it is really easy to reorganize it by adding some pages and
      splitting some things out (hyperlinks are wonderful aren't they?).
      Also, little functions are easy to write in perl or vbscript if you need
      them (two on our team can write special scripts so we can organize
      things even more).

      My impression (probably incorrect) of blogs is that they are best used
      as an automated journal, so to speak. You can split things up into
      topics, but hyperlinking from one to the other or reorganizing as new
      structures makes sense is not that easy.

      Please advise.

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      A principle advantage to using a weblog to support Scrum over a wiki to
      support Scrum is the time dimension. Weblogs are primarily organized by
      time. This makes them a great tool for delivering project information to
      tangential parties and keeping a record of the history of the project.
      day's signature graph could be published in the weblog along with a
      transcript of the stand up meeting. These parties now have a single
      place to
      go to see what is happening without being a direct part of the sprint.

      ps I thought the news.com article was awful. I don't think the author
      understood that weblogs -- as they are used by most development projects
      have a single author with a single perspective and are not collaborative
      tools at all.

      Andrew Gilmartin
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