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866RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: daily status blogs

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  • Alan Shalloway
    Jan 31, 2003
      Yeah, there are disadvantages. Verbal communication on some things is
      just more energizing and clearer. I don't mean to imply that written
      communication is superior to verbal, just sometimes (and at least not
      always inferior).

      The thing that is often overlooked in verbal communication (and
      definitely in pairing in design/coding) is that there is synergy between
      two people talking to each other. It can't be explained, but it can be
      experienced. However, if it's opinions on things you want, or tracking
      facts, written works well.

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      On Friday, January 31, 2003, at 5:21:50 PM, Alan Shalloway wrote:

      > Trust and e-mails.

      Trust is good. So is email.

      > Everyone in my company, for example, is supposed to check the recent
      > changes topic and look. Otherwise, we post an entry to the wiki and
      > just tell people - hey read this!

      > The advantage is two of us can have a conversation when a third person
      > isn't there and then they can catch up by reading the entries. For
      > things, however a bulletin board with a threaded discussion is better.
      > We use both, depending upon the type of material to be discussed.

      Of course, I see the advantage. Do you see the disadvantage?

      > We have one client who uses a wiki to discuss QA issues - relates
      > acceptance tests back to the use-cases. We have another client who
      > a bulletin board (we like the UBB from info pop - cheap and easy) to
      > coordinate his customers (they've got lot's of users so the lead - who
      > plays the role of customer as he used to be one - coordinates with
      > dozens of customers to get a single voice).

      Yes, lots of people use them. They're good. They have that one key
      disadvantage, however.

      Ron Jeffries
      Accroche toi a ton reve. --ELO

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