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  • Ken Schwaber
    Jul 6, 2001
      Scrum is a management and control process and doesn't contain specific techniques for systems analysis (requirements gathering) and design. Scrum empirically manages the activities of any projects through inspection and adaptation. It sounds like your instructor is more interested in what are called the "heavyweight" methodologies, those based on a defined approach (tasks and dependencies, each tasks defines the roles, inputs, outputs, tools, processes and quality mechanisms). There  is quite a paradigm shift underway in systems development, with these defined methodologies finally falling into disfavor and more agile approaches such as Scrum and Extreme Programming being employed more widely (Scrum is a wrapper for engineering practices, including XP). A recent CIO magazine article recently discussed this (http://www.cio.com/archive/070101/secret.html) and MIke Beedle and myself have written a book about Scrum and Agile that will be published by Prentice Hall this fall before OOPSLA 2001.
      You might also want to take a look at a new approach to design and analysis called emergent. Scott Ambler does a nice job describing it at http://www.extreme-modeling.com/
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      JHi Ken,
      I happen to come across your interesting website while searching for topics related to my project assigment. I am supposed to do a write up on any Systems Analysis and Design Methodology. I would like you to elaborate whether SCRUM is a methodology for building Sytems or focus only on software development.Is there a comparison of SCRUM with other  types of methodologies being done? SCRUM is not in my current list.But my lecturer welcome any other methodology that is outside her list. The scope of my project is as follows:
      1.Methodology approach
      2.Application tools, aid tools, .....
      3.Benefit and Advantage
      Awaiting your reply

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