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838RE: [scrumdevelopment] A Successful XBreed/Scrum Project

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  • Mike Cohn
    Jan 14, 2003
      Congratulations on the successful delivery, Mike. That sounds like a great


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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] A Successful XBreed/Scrum Project

      Dear all,

      As many of you know I started another company,
      Hipaa Acccelerator, http://www.hipaaccelerator.com,
      about a year and a half ago, that is solely dedicated
      to solve Hipaa Privacy problems.

      Hipaa Privacy problems are intersting enterprise
      problems because they almost always require
      many projects to be managed and delivered
      concurrently. For example, Hipaa Privacy mandates
      reports of PHI (protected health information),
      and Disclosure Accounting reports, that must access
      data throughout the enterprise, and coordinate
      business processes often involving dozens of people
      for approval, escalation, investigation, delegation,
      management, routing, retrieval, etc.; for even
      a single request.

      Each client implementation needs to be deployed while
      many other things change like:

      - changes in Hipaa Privacy and State laws
      - changes in the systems to be integrated with
      - changes in business processes (policies
      and procedures), typically coming from legal
      and/or business process owners
      - etc.

      and couple with the normal changes and
      uncertainties found in every project like:

      - staff overturn and staff absorption
      - staff mentoring/training in both the business
      domain and the technology
      - changes in technology i.e. development environment
      and deployment tools and versions, etc.;
      - changes in design
      - refactoring
      - etc.

      all of which were very significat in our case. To
      make it ever more challenging, the government
      mandated deadline is 4/14/2003, requiring every
      project to be a "little miracle".

      To cope with the above uncertainty and change, we
      decided to use XBreed -- a combination of Scrum, XP,
      Open Source and Alexanderian practices for every
      client installation (More at: http://www.xbreed.net
      Yes, I know, the XBreed site needs urgent updating...
      but I am too busy in the trenches to keep it up to
      date. Besides that I don't sell software methods
      or "general software development consulting" -- I
      only sell Hipaa Privacy solutions these days :-)

      Btw, XBreed, means "cross breed" not "extreme breed",
      and it was inspired by the similar concept in genetics

      which literally means a thing with the natural
      selected genes of XP, Scrum, Alexanderian and
      Open Source.

      Today, I am glad to report that once again, Scrum,
      with the extensions that we call XBreed, has helped
      us deliver to production one of the most challenging
      projects I had ever dealt with in my 20+ years of

      Business details:
      The project involved about 20 people, 5 which were
      developers, 3 testers, 5 system people, 3 full time
      users, 1 scrum master, 1 product owner, 2 sponsors,
      etc. It will be deployed to ~3000 thousand
      users throughout the State of Idaho.

      The application fulfills just about every requirement
      for Hipaa Privacy compliance, as well as all the
      state law preemptions for the State of Idaho.

      Technical details:
      The application is a 130-screen j2ee web-based
      application, using servlets, EJBs, JSPs, etc.; and
      works with a DB2 and SQL server. And it includes
      rule-based workflow, document management, an LDAP
      role-based security among other things.

      There is no doubt that without the power of Scrum,
      that gave us constant feedback and with that a
      fresh new "context" where to apply patterns on a
      daily basis, a constant oppportunity for
      self-organization and re-prioritization of tasks,
      and the fabric of a cooperative culture that allowed
      us to freely and constantly exchange knowledge, we
      would have never got to where we are here today.

      I am as always proud to be a Scrum practitioner; yet,
      I am still intrigued and mystified about the
      simple but powerful powers of this Scrum thing.

      How can something so simple be so powerful?

      As fascinating as the why might be, in the end
      who cares!! ... it surely works,

      - Mike

      Michael A. Beedle Ph. D.
      CEO, Hipaa Accelerator, Inc.
      2275 Half Day Rd. Suite 350
      Bannockburn, IL. 60015
      Office: 847-821-2631 Cell: 847-840-9890
      Email: beedlem@...
      Web: http://www.hipaaccelerator.com

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