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831RE: R: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum and RUP

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  • Marco Abis
    Jan 14, 2003
      Of course there is a big difference between UML and RUP.
      When I talk about a UML diagrams I mean an RUP artifact made by a RUP

      OK, I imagined that and I wrote about it just for clarity :-)

      I think like Adriano and Allan (and also Krutchen and several
      Rational folks) that RUP not only could be customized but must be.

      You are right. I was a RUP fan and I customized it for my company and many customers times (and times) ago. From this point of view all of you (Adriano, you and several Rational folks) are right: if you already have invested on RUP and you want to make it more effective using practices from Scrum and other Agile Approach you can achieve good result.

      "If you already have invested on RUP".

      Otherwise if I have to use practices from other approaches to make effective (sorry but I'm not able to say agile for the reason about principles I wrote in my previous mail) something is supposed to provide such a big variety of templates and alternatives all you need to do is picking up the best for you why don't I just use the "other approaches"?

      From this point of view (mine, of course) I find more interesting your proposal of RUP plug-in for Scrum. Something like xP@Scrum (http://www.controlchaos.com/xpScrum.htm)

      Nice to read you :-)

      Marco Abis - CEO & Chairman
      Agility SPI: Software Process Improvement
      abis@... - abis@...
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