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78Scrum Purpose

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  • kschwaber@mindspring.com
    Feb 20, 2001
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      "Work is an ennobling experience, an affirmation of life. In teams,
      the experience transcends the individual, encompassing the shared
      experience, providing the basis for team heroics.

      Scrum brings order, clarity, cohesion, stability, flexibility and –
      ultimately – success to projects. In organizations that are coping
      with how to organize and compete in today's new economy, Scrum
      provides a civilized means of rapidly bringing new, complex, high-
      technology products to market.

      Scrum enables people to work harmoniously for their mutual benefit
      while producing some of today's must complex, sophisticated
      products. Scrum is the social engineering of today's enterprise for
      the co-operative fulfillment of all involved."