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7631RE: [scrumdevelopment] UseCases in the Backlog / WAS: Requirements for Mission Critical systems

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  • David Roberts
    Jun 1, 2005
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      If we choose to care, my understanding was that stories can range from all levels, where as use cases (in the Cockburn methodology) have defined levels, ala summary->user-goal. I find constraining user-goal level use cases to elementary business process a useful aspect of use cases. Is there such a guideline for user stories?


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      David Roberts wrote:
      > Where I'm as, we write use cases in a low-precision format.


      Good, then you are closer to stories then.  In most large corporate
      environments, UCs now range from 5 - 25 pages, way too long to be agile. 
      (I have worked with a myriad of templates that are in many cases even

      David Roberts wrote:
      > I think the principles you've defined can be kept in mind regardless of
      > whether you use use cases or user stories.

      I agree.

      As long as we use the same principles, in the end it doesn't matter how we
      call things, Use Cases, Stories or Backlog Items, if they convey the same

      - Mike

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