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7627XP2005 Activity: The Music of Agile Software Development

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  • Karl Scotland
    Jun 1, 2005
      Call for Participation

      The Music of Agile Software Development
      Karl Scotland
      David Putman

      Value Proposition
      A significant number of members of the Agile community seem to have a
      musical background, leading to a hypothesis that there are commonalities
      between the two disciplines, both of which draw on diversely skilled
      individuals, collaborating to create a common vision. While this notion
      is purely anecdotal and subjective, it is interesting enough to explore
      further, and this activity session is intended to delve into those
      commonalities in more detail.
      The aim is to allow participants to:
      * have fun,
      * making music,
      * exploring new ideas, and
      * providing new insights into Agile software development
      While musical skills, background, or interest would be beneficial, they
      are by no means required.

      Format Description
      The following items are planned:
      * Clapping Music - rehearsal and performance of an existing
      composition, using nothing but hand claps.
      * Improvisation - creation of new compositions to a theme, using simple
      toy instruments.
      * Fishbowl discussion - sharing new or existing metaphors between music
      and agile software development.
      * Smaller group discussions - exchanging experiences and collating
      The intended outcome is a set of new ways of thinking and talking about
      agile software development, to be published on a wiki or other web site.