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7603RE: [scrumdevelopment] Help Wanted ... Introducing Agile

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  • Karl Scotland
    May 31, 2005
      Hi Clarke,

      Here's the slides I used for an Introduction to Agile presentation at
      the recent London Agile Seminar.



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      > Hi everyone,
      > As part of my personal campaign to spread the good word about
      > Agile, I've enthusiastically volunteered to do an
      > "introduction to agile software development" presentation to
      > an industry group here in Scotland. Here's the
      > description:
      > http://www.scotlandis.com/index.cfm/page/84/event/131/. It's
      > a very important presentation for me, career and confidence
      > wise, and an important audience.
      > The problem: So far I've spent hours and hours preparing my
      > presentation. But I've now reached the point where I'm so
      > deep inside of my subject that not only can't I see the
      > forest, but I'm having trouble seeing the trees
      > too. I think that the basic problem is that I'm trying to
      > prove that agile
      > is best and I'm getting hung up on the logic. It's obvious,
      > when I walk through what I have got so far, that there's too
      > much theory and not enough practical stuff.
      > Can anyone out there recommend a good 45-60 minute
      > "Intoduction to Agile Software Development" presentation
      > suitable for wallets rather than techies?
      > I don't want to plagarise it, or even use it, just to read it
      > and compare with what I've got at the moment.
      > Clarke
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