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  • Clarke Ching lists
    May 29, 2005
      Thanks to everyone who replied.
      I have a meeting tomorrow with my co-presenter and I'll run all of the great ideas past him.

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      I understand your conundrum, Clarke. Your post is timely. I'm
      considering a position with an explicit "change agent" component...
      and suddenly I don't know where to start :-) Although starting with
      theory is tempting, experience tells me that it's not what impresses
      most newbies. I do love a challenge though, I'll figure it out!

      The idea of experiential learning reinforces what I'm learning
      elsewhere about bringing in new ideas, good idea Kevin.

      Some other simulations that come to mind are:
      The XPGame, which introduces non-software people to the planning game
      (go to www.xp.be) and 59 Minute Scrum (http://tinyurl.com/bgryh).


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