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7345Re: FW: [scrumdevelopment] The Ultimate Software Development Office Layout

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  • todd
    May 5, 2005
      Mike Beedle wrote:

      > I agree with most everything, but I have a point on this one:
      > Arrange desktops so people are not looking directly at each other.
      > Over they years, in our BullPen, we have tried it both facing away and
      > facing to each other.
      > But we definitely like it better facing to each other. For once, it
      > is easier to look over your
      > Our laptops and have a Daily Scrum, a round-table discussion, or be in
      > a conference call, etc.
      Thanks, I'll add that in.

      By facing away do you mean backs to each other? I think the idea was
      more to have people offset so when they look ahead directly they don't
      see each other, but could see each other by turning either direction. Do
      you do that or something else?
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