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7317Re: [scrumdevelopment] None Microsoft Background...anyone?

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  • Keith Kinneberg
    May 2, 2005
      Windows XP  desktop.   UNIX background.  Windows debug tools surpass UNIX...
      And down inside the remnants of UNIX show.  And in the old DOS days
      we looked at BIOS disk code and were amazed at routine names' similarity to UNIX kernel.


      David H. wrote:

      Just out of curiosity.

      What operating system runs on your desktop and what is your background?
      Mine runs Mac OS X and my background is from UNIX. I have maybe used a
      Microsoft system once or twice but that is about it.
      Since Management is usually tied to the use of M$ Products, I simply
      would like to knwo what some of the numbers on this list are.

      Thank you :)


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