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7313Re: [scrumdevelopment] Performance Reviews & Scrum

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  • Doug Swartz
    Apr 30, 2005
      Saturday, April 30, 2005, 1:09:45 PM, clintonnkeith wrote:

      > I'd like to get advice on moving implementing a more Agile oriented
      > employee review process.

      > We're approaching our first round of performance reviews since
      > adopting Scrum. Our existing practice is for managers to collect peer
      > reviews and then write & give a performance review. If a salary
      > increase is due, then it is given during this review.

      > Doesn't sound very Agile.

      > I would like to roll out better review process that will not try to
      > change everything overnight. The goals are:
      > - Reward teams instead of individuals. We want to build team
      > ownership and collaboration.
      > - Have clear feedback to individuals from those within their team and
      > their customers.

      > What do more experienced Agile development studios use?

      Here are some things we do that might be good places for you
      to start:

      Start by doing more frequent peer reviews. Quarterly SaMoLo's
      (http://fairlygoodpractices.com/samolo.htm), get everyone in
      the practice of giving feedback to each other. Having each
      member of the team give feedback to each other member of the
      team on what they're doing well, what behaviors we'd like to
      see miore of, and which behaviors we'd like to see less of, is
      a good start. SaMoLo's work best, especially when you're just
      starting out, if you use a skilled facilitator who isn't a
      daily member of the team.

      Only do promotions or special recognition based on a written
      recommendation signed by at least half the members of the
      individual's team. Managers can still determine what kind of
      promotion or recognition is appropriate. Peers know who is
      most valuable and doing the best work. Trust the team.

      If you have a bonus plan of some sort, switch from individual
      bonus objectives to team objectives. Everyone wins or loses


      Doug Swartz
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