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708Colorado Software Summit

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  • alanfromclt
    Nov 1, 2002
      I will be at the Colorado Software Summit November 4-8. I am a Java
      developer, SCRUM/XP user, as well as a division SEPG member and SQA
      manager in a major process improvement initiative at a large US
      bank. Kind of a weird combination, I admit!

      Are there any other SRUM or XP users that are going to be at the
      conference? Wanna get together, sip some beer, and trade stories?

      I am especially interested in chatting with others involved in
      process improvement efforts at large companies that involve CMM or
      ISO certifications and/or Six Sigma methods. I ESPECIALLY want to
      hear from anyone who succeeded while preserving the freedom of their
      OO development teams to exploit Agile methods.

      If you are interested let me know at agstreet@....

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