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6876RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Who is Responsible for Success?

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  • Chamberlain, Eric
    Apr 1, 2005
      Hmmm. All that may be true but Toyota is barely breaking even financially on their hybrids. Their biggest advantage there is in the P.R. value. My information is that the real reason is that the Toyota's US plants have a younger workforce which places lighter pension loads on the company than the older US-domestic manufacturers.

      I am all for Scrum success stories but the Toyota/GM battle involves other, much larger forces than the use/non-use of Scrum.

      == Eric ==

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      I was struck by the comment on GM. My view of the situation at GM is that Toyota is cleaning their clock. Toyota decided 10 years ago that hybrids were the future of Toyota and probably the future of the auto industry. They used Scrum-like processes to get there.

      If you read Takeuchi and Nonaka's new book, you will find about a 100 pages on Toyota.

      The GM stock crash is just the opening volley in the transformation of the auto industry. Scrum paired with disruptive technology is an unstoppable force.

      Jeff Sutherland

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      > Very true. Replacing a system is one of the hardest things of all
      > without a revolution of some sort. There's no place people can grab on
      > to. Today GM reported some bad earning news and the reason given on
      > NPR was because the system doesn't work anymore. That's after getting
      > a new CEO to fix everything.

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