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6864RE: [scrumdevelopment] Handling horizontal (infrastructre) requirements in Scrum

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  • Steven Gordon
    Mar 30, 2005
      Surely, the requirements are asking for business functionality rather than infrastructure. If so, a sprint should endeavor to fulfill the business functionality asked for in the simplest way possible that does not make it harder to fulfill other current and future requirements. Infrastructure can then evolve as parts of the implementation of business functionality A are slightly morphed to be reused in the implementaion of business functionality B (while still keeping A working). In this way infrastructure does not have to be done up front nor be explicit requirements on the backlog.

      See the concept of refactoring for the technical details.

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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Handling horizontal (infrastructre) requirements in Scrum

      Hi all,

      I am involved in a development project where a significant part of
      product backlog includes horizontal infrastrucure (services and
      functions that can be reused acorss different modules).

      What would be the best approach to create Sprint backlogs for such a
      project (esp when we keep in mind the 'go-liveability' condition for
      sprint conclusion). Is it ok to devote initial sprints for horizontal
      components (with having little to demo in terms of 'end user
      functionality'). Looking forward to your views.

      Kapil Mishra
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