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  • Paul Hodgetts
    Mar 1, 2005
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      hal arnold wrote:

      > Hal anyone ever thought about providing 'mentorship'
      > for newly minted scm's? That is, short of hiring a
      > practicing experienced scrum master to come to ones
      > place of employment (we know that works), wouldn't it
      > be almost as useful to 'watch' one of these
      > experienced guys/gals in the field doing what they do?

      If I understand what you are looking for, it would have to be
      a company that has an established, reasonably healthy Scrum
      team running. I know of companies like this, but many of them
      would not be very comfortable inviting an outsider in to see
      the daily workings of their team and product development
      efforts. I'm sure there are some that would (probably with
      appropriate NDAs and all), and I think it would be great if
      they would offer such an opportunity.

      At Agile Logic, we typically help teams transition to Scrum,
      so the teams we are working with are newer Scrum teams that need
      the training and coaching to prepare for and kick-off a project.
      Observing these teams would not be helpful in seeing a seasoned
      CSM in action, but observing these transition efforts would give
      some insights into how to transition a team to Scrum. Although
      not the same thing, we would entertain the possibility of
      someone apprenticing along on these engagements where possible
      and permitted by clients. Please contact me ***off line*** if

      Hubert Smits replied:

      > A couple of people are offering such a service, have a look
      > at the Agile Alliance roadmap page about Scrum:
      > http://www.agilealliance.org/programs/roadmaps/Roadmap/scrum/scrum_index.htm

      I can't seem to locate mentorship opportunities on that page.
      I see several people listed who have generously offered to
      answer questions and discuss issues, but I don't see any
      companies that have offered to invite CSMs to come and watch
      their Scrum team in action.

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