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65SCRUM development in a multi-task environment

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  • spy
    Nov 29, 2000
      I am a project manager that recently started using SCRUM methodology as a
      way of re-energizing and re-focussing my team on the current project.

      I have found I had already been using variations of all of the SCRUM
      techniques, and I was intrigued and excited by the prospect of combining all
      of these techniques in a simple incremental and structured approach to the

      So far the SCRUM is working out great, however the external chaos seems to
      be creeping back in.

      This is primarily due to the fact that our current organizational structure
      relies too heavily on a multi-project multi-task basis.

      Fundamentally I see SCRUM as a single project methodology only. I see the
      primary driving force behind the methodology is the focussing of team effort
      shielding the team from the "chaos"

      I my situation where "chaos" comes in the form of multiple concurrent
      projects with varying priorities, the SCRUM is starting to fall apart.

      Is there any work on such scenarios or are there alternative methodologies.

      I am thinking of running multiple simultaneous SCRUMS whereby the SPRINT's
      are shortened to reflect the decreased time available due to multitasking,
      however this approach seems contrary to the simplified focussed approach of

      Any ideas would be appreciated.
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