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610Re: Alternative to EGroups + scrum in a "management" org

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  • Dan Brown
    Oct 6, 2002
      I assume everyone in the list followed this comment, but it is worth
      repeating. Yahoo Groups has a nice digest feature; no advertisements
      (except for the people who SP~M the group), and the one daily e-mail
      makes for a quick read to scan for what is interesting.

      As the saying goes, "and now for something completely different."

      I would love to get feedback from those with some experience in a
      management-centric environment on how to get some traction with
      Agile. Here's the current situation: I've introduced a slight
      variation of scrum that is only within our development group (we are
      basically handed a product backlog that does not change at the
      beginning of development). While scrum is not quite ubiquitous on
      teams, it is fairly well received within development, but there are a
      couple challenges to becoming truly agile.

      First, as I mentioned, we tend to be a management-centric group, so
      it's been a challenge for the leadership to let go of the reigns a
      bit and also for a lot of the development team to grab on and drive.
      Second, we deliver to external customers, so our marketing team, I
      think, would be our closest proxy for "the customer" but I haven't
      yet successfully engaged them in the process. Finally, if we can
      successfully engage the rest of the business, I need a better
      understanding of how we expand the scope from software deliveries at
      the end of each sprint, to a complete product delivery that is ready
      for manufacture, sale, and service when we launch to external

      Thanks so much in advance for any advice anyone can pass my way.


      --- In scrumdevelopment@y..., "Mike Cohn" <mike@m...> wrote:
      > It looks good to me but the Yahoo ads don't bother me very much
      > I use email rather than the web for this group.
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