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5863Re: Multi-Project Development with Limited Resources

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  • Jiri Lundak
    Jan 3, 2005
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      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the pointer. Some questions that I have:

      1. What do is the difference between a Shared Resources Scrum Master
      and a 'normal' (is there anyone normal among us ;-) ) Scrum Master?

      2. What do you mean by 'Production Super Sprints'?

      3. Would be intersting to hear, how you do this in the concrete
      -> Integration Testing across applications and reusable components?

      (Btw: What happend to XBreed?)


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      > I unfortunately haven't made time to write more about running Scrum for
      > multiple projects, but here are some things we do:
      > http://www.enterpriseagileprocess.com/practices.html
      > - Mike
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      > Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Multi-Project Development with Limited
      > All,
      > Our company does custom project development for different customers.
      > We are involved currently in a major project for one customer (volume
      > of about 14 man years of work) and at the same time there pop up on a
      > regular basis smaller projects of (1 - 3 months), with existing
      > customers.
      > The big project absorbs most of our limited resources. All ten people
      > are needed in the project (also in the interest of sharing knowledge).
      > How can we with our ten people handle multiple projects at the same
      > time?
      > Upper management currently had the dendency to assign to individual
      > developers additionally some other project. Result: The developer was
      > constantly working overtime, practically having to do the smaller
      > project in his spare time, which led to distraction and poor quality
      > in both projects.
      > I was thinking along the lines of trying to convince upper management
      > to switch from a individual project development perspective to a
      > common product development perspective (especially because the code
      > base for all customers should be shared).
      > Can it be, that one can fuel one Sprint backlog with multiple Product
      > backlogs, in the form:
      > Customer A Product Backlog ---
      > \
      > Customer B Product Backlog ------> Sprint Backlog --> Common Incrment
      > /
      > Customer C Product Backlog ---
      > The common increment would deliver to each customer the product
      > (naturally configured for him) once a month.
      > The product managers for the three customers would have to decide
      > at the beginning of each Sprint, how much weight its customer's
      > Product backlog gets in the Sprint.
      > Another possible solution would be to create two teams. The one
      > being there for the big customer and the other one for all the
      > small ones. This would give the main team the possibility to focus
      > on its work. On the other hand there would be an undesirable
      > separation between the teams.
      > Any other approaches you can come up with? Pros and cons? What is the
      > approach that gets us a sustainable pace?
      > Thanks for your thoughts on this subject.
      > Jiri Lundak, CSM, Switzerland.
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