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57817Re: [SCRUMDEVELOPMENT] DoD to a Sprint?

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  • Ron Jeffries
    May 23, 2014
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      On May 23, 2014, at 7:33 PM, Adam Sroka adam.sroka@... [SCRUMDEVELOPMENT] <SCRUMDEVELOPMENT@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Yes and no, IMO. At the very least the PO has the right to say something is "not done" if it does not deliver the promised business value. However, the PO does not have the right to say something is done if the team does not agree

      I think it’d be bad but I think the PO can ship crap if he wants to. There might be business or job exigencies making it seem like a good idea. It’d be destructive but I think I’d say he has the right to do it. Especially since most teams are working their way up to meeting DoD anyway.

      Ron Jeffries
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