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57580RE: [SCRUMDEVELOPMENT] Time tracking for building software

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  • Reaves, Chuck
    Dec 16, 2013
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      We use Version One at my company to enter our time for each task within a User Story…and this is mandatory at our company.


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      Companies that want to capitalize their expenses for building software need their development teams to track time they spend on building and testing software.  Has anyone heard of a company requiring their teams to track the time they spend as part of the tasks in the Agile Project Management Tool being used?

      For example, if a user story consists of 5 tasks and task1 was estimated at 6hours but it only took 3 hours to complete, than the developer is required to enter the actual effort of 3 hours into the tool for time tracking purposes. 

      I can understand tracking the estimated vs actuals over the course of a sprint or two in order to help improve team agility and estimation practices, but I've never heard of it being mandated as a time entry system.  This can be a problem particularly for mature teams that don't use tasks or task hours.

      What have you seen work?  What downsides do you see to this?

      Looking for comments or thoughts.


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