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57340Re: [scrumdevelopment] When to Use and Not to Use Agile

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  • Paul Hudson
    Oct 29, 2013
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      I'struggle to convince people to use Agile at the moment at a customer. In theory, they have signed up to a contract that says we wil ladopt an Agile approach (and Scrum)., In practice, there's a huge level of nervousness about it, and I can't get them away from their ideas that there must be a complete upfront requirements document, signed by the customer, from which a high level design must be produced (from which a test plan/cases are written). And then a low level implementation guide, all with traceability... 

      Certainly one problem is the multiple layers of organisation. There's the customer business people who get the solutions through an internal team (although in fact that team is outsourced from another part of my company, adding to the finger pointing - see below).  That internal team contracts with the team I'm in on a project-by-project basis for delivery. So there's quite a lot of making sure it won't be you who is blamed when anything goes wrong, and I think this is where the faith in documentation (and endless requests for more and more testing, trials, pilots and so on) comes from - people don't want to be accused of missing out some check or step that could be seen as reducing the risk that something goes wrong, even at the cost of hugely longer timescales and effort...

      People are very nervous about proceeding without the (spurious) sense of confidence they seem to get from these.

      Any ideas on how to get past this will be gratefully received!

      On 29 October 2013 13:48, Jean Richardson <jean@...> wrote:

      Don:  Amusing.


      That might be a way to end the conversation, but I don’t think it’s my most effective opener.  I tend to hear these kind of comments/objections as requests for more information.  Otherwise, I think they wouldn’t be talking to the topic at all.  They’d just circumvent any attempts at agile adoption quietly, bringing all their significant skills to bear on the effort.


      --- Jean


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      A week from Friday I’m presenting to a PMI audience where I have been asked to speak on the topic “When Will the Pendulum Swing Back and We Won’t Have to Use Agile Anymore.” 


      I suggest they quit using Agile immediately.


      "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory."

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