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57311RE: How much research do you do in your "off time"?

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  • tim_s_wise
    Oct 18, 2013

      Yep, that's similar.  Thanks Yves, I'm just looking for what others that are successful have done.  I find that a lot of team members don't give themselves "permission" to research.  Very few that I have encountered were actually hindered by the org.  Though that has been the case at times as well.

      Thanks again.


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      I'm not sure what you call research.

      I know that I have been constantly investing in myself (outside my clients time) for about 20% of my revenu
      could be similar to what you are doing


      2013/10/17 <timswise@...>

      First, I love what I do.  I research my actual job all of the time.  

      For a long time though I didn't have this job.  I had another actual job and wanted my current one.  That meant that I researched a lot so I could get the job that I wanted.  

      However,  my existing job benefited a lot from my research.  That's because I was always sure to tie the research back to a business need that they had.  Quality, predictability, ROI.  Sound familiar?  So I would tend to research about 1-2 hours at work on average.  I would also tend to be just as more effective than someone who didn't research at all.  I have used that threshold for years give or take.  

      How about others?

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