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57221Re: [scrumdevelopment] Why do the "values" matter?

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Sep 20, 2013
      Hi Jean,

      On Sep 20, 2013, at 8:59 AM, "Jean Richardson" <jean@...> wrote:

      Do others here see the same confusion about why respect, commitment, courage, openness, and focus are important to an effective Scrum adoption?  Do I need to be talking about professionalism, instead?  I’m concerned that will gloss the issue, frankly.  Have any of you been able to tie this to real numbers (dollars) through external case studies?

      I am not aware of case studies, though doubtless there are some. Case studies rarely convince anyone, in my experience, even those who ask for them. Much less those who do not.

      I would be inclined to reason about each of the values and why it's important, e.g.:

      When two people have respect for each other, things go more smoothly. For example, suppose there is low respect between developers and testers. Then when testers find things, the developers will push back instead of leaning in to understand what is being seen. With respect, they work together. The result is fewer defects, found sooner, and fixed sooner. The same is true between, say, the developers and the product owner. When there is low respect …

      Repeat for each, ad infinitum.

      All that said, people's values are not easy to change. Personally, I am more inclined to work on behavior. The things they do, the things they say, and so on. 
      Don't ignore your dreams; don't work too much; say what you think; cultivate friendships; be happy. -- Paul Graham

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