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57208Re: Agile Questionnaire

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  • woynam
    Sep 12, 2013
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      Well, for starters you double post a message with the heading 'Help For Agile' containing gibberish markup in it, along with an attached document. Only an idiot would open a docx attachment.

      Your message contains *no* information as to why one should complete your questionnaire, or what you plan to do with the results.

      You then post the same document 5 days later, as if nobody say your original duplicate posts, or the post back in January.

      So, given that a) you've posted 3 messages to this group since January, each with the same request, b) you've not contributed to a single other discussion in the group, c) you've not provided any background information regarding your survey, and d) the messages have contained possible virus-laden attachments, I can only conclude that you're not interested in being a contributing member of this forum.

      The members of this group welcome newcomers that are interested in learning more about Scrum/Agile, and contributing to the discussion. However, we would prefer not to have to wade through spam/junk.

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