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57207Re: [scrumdevelopment] Potentially Releasable Increment

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  • Adrian Howard
    Sep 12, 2013
      Hi Tim,

      On 11 September 2013 11:11, Tim Wright <tim@...> wrote:
      For example, I heard about a project team making an ordering/invoicing system. They went live without any "monthly statement" feature. That's a clear feature gap. However, they knew they could build that feature by the time it was actually needed by the business.

      (this is potentially a "friend of a friend" type story - but even if it's not real, it illustrates the point quite nicely :)

      I've seen this many times. For example one project I worked on involved a quarterly subscription. We chose to release the initial version without *any* of the code to actually implement renewals, and that way we could spend the resources we would have spent on those features on other features (notably some tweaks to the UI that helped with navigation & SEO).

      In fact by the time that the time for the renewals came around the client had changed their business model for the product from a subscription system to a value add on another service product. If we had built it - it would have never been used.

      ... and in general "product goodwill" is a bit fuzzy. I'm spending a lot of my time ATM in startup and new product contexts. We're still figuring out what our product is and what our market is. We're more interested in learning than in polished features. The whol concept of "product goodwill" is being defined.

      Scrum left the precise definition of what counts as a potentially releasable increment up to the PO/team. And that's the right place for it I think. It's very context dependent.


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