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57184Re: [scrumdevelopment] Concept of "work ahead" team

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Sep 3, 2013
      Hi, Richard,

      On 8/27/13 2:58 AM, Richard Griffiths wrote:
      > Hi all, I’ve started to hear this more often – the “work ahead” team
      > being a smaller group out of the team (BA, Architect, UX) who will groom
      > the stories, relatively size them, have them ready for the team to do
      > further work on.
      > Shouldn’t the whole team be involved in these exercises, not the chosen few?

      I've found that grooming stories with the whole team can drag on and on,
      accomplishing relatively little and frustrating everyone. On the other
      hand, it's important that everyone have some involvement. It's
      particularly important that someone doing the work not be handed an
      estimate made by someone not doing the work.

      About 5 years ago we pioneered a "Three Amigos" process at a client
      where a small group containing the product owner, a tester, and a
      programmer (and sometimes more, particularly UX in that client) would
      discuss a story or two to get it clear on the details. Today I recommend
      that this discussion result in acceptance scenarios that clarify the
      story and indicate minimum acceptance criteria. Often there are many
      such scenarios, and the story can be split along the lines of the scenarios.

      Different sets of "Three Amigos" would work on grooming different
      stories on different days, giving everybody involvement in the process
      but not everybody involved in the same stories.

      This clarification would happen before the planning meeting. At the
      planning meeting, everyone took part in estimation and determining how
      many stories fit. The clarity brought by having explicit examples in the
      acceptance scenarios made the estimation and planning proceed much more

      You might be interested in this article from Better Software:

      - George

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