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57150RE: [scrumdevelopment] Concept of "work ahead" team

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  • Richard Griffiths
    Aug 27, 2013

      Michael, Srinivas, Madhur


      Thanks for the responses (condensed for brevity)


      > When you refer to the "chosen few" I'm curious who is doing that choosing.


      Actually the sub team has formed from within the team - PO, BA and architect, they very much look at up-coming stories to get them in some form of shape for the whole team to review them at story sizing/grooming sessions.


      > A sub-team (of a chosen few) which regularly does this tends to form a unspoken (maybe even spoken) hierarchy which is best avoided. 


      We do have some time-zone issues and not everyone is able to meet to plan for the future and groom the backlog on a daily basis; this way we get team input, and as noted, we do rotate people in and out, but it seems to be working.


      We have planned grooming sessions (one per week) where everyone attends and we refine and size as appropriate


      I was more concerned that there was an expectation that the sub-team/work ahead group would estimate the stories.


      My answer was, fine, as long as they, and they only, are happy to take on the work J




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      Hi all, I’ve started to hear this more often – the “work ahead” team being a smaller group out of the team (BA, Architect, UX) who will groom the stories, relatively size them, have them ready for the team to do further work on.


      Shouldn’t the whole team be involved in these exercises, not the chosen few?





      Speed is n0 subsitute fnor accurancy



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