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  • George Dinwiddie
    Aug 21 7:52 PM
      Hi, Silvana,

      On 8/21/13 11:14 AM, Silvana Wasitova wrote:
      > Hi George,
      > One reference re. team size of 7:
      > http://www.sheilamargolis.com/2011/01/24/what-is-the-optimal-group-size-for-decision-making/

      Not much data there. I guess I'll have to dig up Hackman and Vidmar
      (1970) to find the data. It's clear that you shouldn't marry a woman
      under 25, though. (http://www.intuitor.com/statistics/SmallGroups.html)
      Or use "majority rules" in groups with an even number of members.

      Nothing there that supports "Team size data showed that for hundreds of
      teams doing the same size project that takes 11 months for team of six,
      will take 17 months for a team of 10." I like small teams, but I'm not
      so happy with data presented as scientifically proven without any
      experimental basis.

      Interesting statement: "So if you’re looking for the best size for a
      team, consider an odd number close to five. But remember the number is
      just one factor. Social sensitivity and being able to read emotions are
      attributes of successful team decision making. Consider the number and
      consider the members."

      - George

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