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57133Re: [Scrum] Code scrum - development team size

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  • Jeff Sutherland
    Aug 18 8:29 AM
      Everything in Scrum was based on rigorous evidence, testing and validation, before it was release to the public in 1995.

      Team size data showed that for hundreds of teams doing the same size project that takes 11 months for team of six, will take 17 months for a team of 10. These data were published by one of the top two productivity experts in the U.S.. We listened when we put together Scrum and verified this effect.

      The reasons for this are documented in Fred Brooks classic, "The Mythical Man Month."

      We have seen a team of 9 going at 60 points broken into two teams of 4 and 5 generating 180 points a few sprints later.

      It is absolutely impossible to get a team of 13 to a hyperproductive state that generates 15 function points per developer per month, about 8 times the velocity of an average waterfall team. I'm ready to back up this statement with a case of good champagne for anyone who can prove me wrong.

      Jeff Sutherland
      Co-Creator of Scrum

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