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  • Ron Jeffries
    Aug 18 3:15 AM
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      Hi Madhur,

      On Aug 18, 2013, at 4:04 AM, madhur.kathuria@... wrote:

      I would smhow disagree with the contention that 13 size teams are ok. The problem is not about they being qualified to do Scrum but rather of good communication within the team and be able to form a cohesive unit through bonding and interpersonal relationships. Bigger teams take that much more time to get to a performing and they tend to lose advantage of responding to changes quickly over a shorter duration of time.

      The original XP team was 14 devs plus three on the product owner side. We had a single team room, pair programmed always, had stand ups always, and had good communication. Most everyone could do most everything. It was the one of the best teams I've seen in over a half-century of software development.

      So … it can be done, and might not even be that hard ...

      When I see bigger teams and I am told that we can't sub divide them , I see more of a problem of backlog management and skill balance rather than the theory itself. 

      Yes, that is probably true. I don't know whether seven or nine of us could have done what the 14 did. I don't think that the 14 were likely twice as productive as the best seven would have been. Twice as productive as their average times seven? Don't really know. Doubt it on principle.

      Yes there may be exceptional teams but does that hold true at a broader level. May be not. IMHO, 6-8 member teams are far more agile than smaller or bigger teams than that

      I prefer smaller teams as well, and yet there have been notable exceptions. I'm not sure if the teams were special, or just their situation.
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