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57124Re: [Scrum] Core Scrum - development team size - ( Was - Code scrum - development team size)

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  • Glenn
    Aug 15, 2013
      Interesting. I often look to the the Jeff and Ken guide for the official definition of Scrum. I find it very odd that the Scrum Alliance doesn't have an official (that I'm aware of) definition and they are the certifying body. A dichotomy in my mind.

      While I don't particullarily care about the "official" rules it would be nice to know what the Scrum Alliance's guide is to at least base some discussions around.

      On Wednesday, 14 August 2013 21:03:40 UTC-4, John Miller - Agile Schools wrote:
      I always go by the Scrum Guide for the "official rules".
      Agile Atlas is great, but, there is only one Scrum, and that is, currently, defined by Jeff and Ken.
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