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57112RE: [scrumdevelopment] Product Owner is a pig, right?

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  • Richard Hundhausen
    Jul 31, 2013



      Pigs and chickens were dropped from the Scrum Guide two years ago.


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      It is a horrible thing, this pigs and chickens distinction, but POs
      are definitely pigs.

      More importantly, what difference in this specific context would it make?

      Why do the team say with relish that she is a chicken? I think they
      are wrong, but what situation made them want to say that? There could
      be something between the lines that isn't quite right.

      On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 3:06 PM, scrumnoob <scrumnoob@...> wrote:
      > I have been out of development for 15 months or so but try to keep abreast of latest thinking and I still work in an organisation that uses Scrum. I am also a big advocate of the practice.
      > However, my partner has started working as a Product Analyst at a start up. she takes on the role of the PO for the team.
      > However the team say (with relish) that she is a chicken (this is probably a bit of a tired metaphor now I guess, but the principle sticks) and that in so far as the coaching they have recieved is concerned this is how it works.
      > I am struggling with this, to the point where I want to visit their offices and have a chat with them. Has the world moved on from the PO being one of the three roles "in" the team? Does anyone else work this way, or can give me some valid rationale for working this way?
      > Any feedback welcome, I would like to give my other half some more thoughts from the community to help her change things, or understand why it might be appropriate.
      > Thanks in advance.

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