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  • Cass Dalton
    Jul 16 7:40 PM
      More importantly, where's the end user or customer value of the technical story.  If you can find it, then you can write it as a user story,  If you can't, why are you using the customer's money to do it?

      On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 12:40 PM, Dinesh Sharma <dinesh_shama@...> wrote:

      I wonder who is the user of a technical 'user story' ;)

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      On 9 Jul 2013, at 18:50, Prashant Pund <pundprashant@...> wrote:


      The stories can be of 2 types; User story and Technical story. User stories can be written using the format mentioned here. The users can be any actors,  human or another system/application.  A Technical story is what perhaps mentioned by Jeff here.  The format of the same need not be " as a...". rather it could be like " implement or develop. .. component/service/algorithm. ..so that. .".
      Prashant Pund
      Agile Coach,
      AgileSoft Methodologies

      On Jul 9, 2013 9:41 PM, "Jeff Sutherland" <jeff.sutherland@...> wrote:

      We have this API example in companies building compilers. For example, Pegasystems has a domain specific language compiler that is used by all developement teams to build tools (features) for large IT enterprise shops to build applications for the business. There is a third level where tools are assembled into framework for domains (healthcare, insurance, financials, etc.) so you could use the entire tool set to run American Express for example.

      The leader of the compiler group (multiple Scrum teams) is a technical product owner on the product owner team for the company and his job is to produce the language APIs needed for development in the language. So his Product Backlog is API enhancement requests from the tool teams that support user stories where the user is an enterprise customer building a software application to run the company.

      Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D. 
      CEO, Scrum Inc.

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