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56963Re: [scrumdevelopment] Convince the team of writing unit tests even if you have got integration tests

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  • Paul Hudson
    Jun 24 12:25 PM

      On 21 June 2013 07:53, <m.schneider@...> wrote:

      What can I tell those guys why it is important to write unit tests even
      if you have got integration tests?

      It's about timely feedback

      When do you run the integration tests? The integration tests tell you things  (it's a technical term :)) work together, but you need all the things to test, and this normally means feedback on what isn't working comes later.  It's better if you know the things you are integrating work independently first, too. Then you're only finding integration issues - if not, then if there's a problem in one thing that prevents integration tests from passing, the other thing isn't getting tested and so feedback on that is further delayed.

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